Welcome to Nora's Childcare!


       I have built this webpage to let you learn a little about myself as well as my dayhome, to give you a better feel and understanding of what I can put forth to yourself and your little ones.

      I take much pride in my job. I like knowing I can provide a "home away from home" for children that cannot stay home during the day with their parents. I want to have all children here feel as comfortable and have as much fun as I do for my own daughter.

     I've worked in the childcare industry for 7+ years, after having my daughter I decided to continue my work from home... and its been my best decision ever!

    I provide breakfast, lunch and unlimited snacks, although parents have the option to provide their own if desired :)

My daughter is my pride and joy, I only do what is best for her. In turn allowing all parents to know that their children will get the same treatment. If it isn't good enough for my daughter, Jayden. Then it isn't good enough for your little ones :)